Butterfly Letterpress History

YouTube Video

How I got interested in Letterpress

YouTube Video

I saw this video on the internet and immediately knew that this was the hobby/business for me.  

I took a 5  day Letterpress training course from San Francisco  Center for the Book.  \
I purchased my C& P Platen Press  from Joanne Westlund, 804 Locust Drive, Sleepy Hollow, Il 60118(JbWestlund@aol.com) a Briar Press member. ( ad below).
I purchased the Vandercook 4  from Bill Ahearn who had purchased it from Jim Epps.  Bill was also a Briar Press Member.  The 2 attachments are the history of the former owners of the Vandercook 4.
I got the paper cutter and Hamilton wood Cabinet from craig's list ads.

8x10 letterpress

letterpress 12x10 much type, furniture etc
$1200 We’re selling a complete shop, motor, rollers, ink paper, may be used for embossing, die-cutting scoring etc.

image: press.jpg


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